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Timberpeg® has been helping people define their ultimate homes for nearly 50 years. These distinctively designed and crafted Post & Beam homes capture the unique imaginations of their owners, and each is breathtaking, remarkable and singular in its personalized beauty. Whether you choose one of Timberpeg’s designs, use your own architect, or have Ken custom design your home, the final artisan’s craft is achieved precisely for you.



As a leader in the industry, Timberpeg® attracts the attention and admiration of homeowners and artisans alike.


A Timberpeg® home is one of lasting quality and value. Their artisans specify the finest materials, and their industry expertise is unmatched.


There is little in architecture as pure as the Post & Beam frame. And its grace and simplicity is at the core of every Timberpeg® design.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Timberpeg® ?

A Timberpeg® is a complete engineered building system offering flexibility in design and high quality materials;  featuring authentic timber framing,  using mortise & tenon joinery. The Timberpeg® package provides a weather-tight shell,  including  the timber frame, wall and roof systems, with rigid insulation, siding, roofing and exterior windows and doors. There are several material choices and many options.

Q. Who is Timberpeg® ?

A. Timberpeg® is a national award- winning  company leading the field of timber framing for nearly 50 years, with representatives across the country. Timberpeg® has regional offices with headquarters in New Hampshire and a manufacturing facility in New England.

Q. Are we limited to Timberpeg® stock plans?

A. No. In fact, most Timberpeg® homes are custom designed. The standard designs offered by Timberpeg® are a great starting point and any of these plans can be modified by Ken to meet individual needs.

Q. How much does a Timberpeg® home cost?

A. Timberpeg® homes compare in cost to other high quality, well built custom construction. Cost will vary, depending on size, complexity and materials & finishes selected. Most Timberpeg® homes in Western North Carolina range in cost between $200 and $250 per s.f.  ranging from $175 to $350 per s.f. for the finished heated living area.

Q. Who is Kenneth J. Wertheim, Architect?

A. Ken is a licensed architect with a small personalized practice in Asheville. A member of the Green Built Alliance, and NCARB certified, Ken provides professional architectural services in the mountains of North Carolina.  He is also an authorized independent representative for Timberpeg® The Artisans of Post & Beam.  Ken has been designing custom homes for over  40 years, specializing in timber framing.

Q.  What services can a Timberpeg® representative offer ?

A. Ken can help you with land selection, site analysis, building feasibility, planning, schematic design, and design development. He will also provide you with budget guidelines, a time-line schedule, specifications, and technical advice during construction of your package.


A perfect expression of you.

The best way to understand all that a Timberpeg home has to offer is to see one for yourself. When you step into a Timberpeg®, you’ll discover just how Ken Wertheim, authorized independent representative for Timberpeg® The Artisans of Post & Beam, can help you bring your imagination to life. To learn more about Timberpeg® The Artisans of Post & Beam visit

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